Hotel Hammerack

Tarvisio, Italy

4-star superior hotel under construction in Italy – Tarvisio, one of Friuli Venezia Giulia’s most important ski areas and mountain resorts.The location of the hotel is particularly privileged. Thanks to its proximity to the border, Tarvisio is a crossroads of languages and cultures where Italy, Slovenia and Austria meet. A restored 15th century building, Hotel Hammerack features on the ground floor a reception area and the bistro overlooking the garden. On the first floor, there are the kitchen and restaurant with its three separate rooms, while on the second and third floors there are six suites and a penthouse.

In the hotel’s the tower guests will have the chance to admire “the time machine”, a work of art by master watchmaker Alberto Gorla, whose evocative mechanisms represents the main attraction of the whole structure. From the hotel guests can easily access the world of wellness with the special relaxation areas, beauty Spa and saunas among surprising and engaging paths leading to the fifteen rooms of the adjacent buildings and the underground car parks. The history of the building and its specificity, the limited number of rooms, the family management and the high quality food and wine offer are peculiar traits of the Hotel Hammerack.

The goal is to offer unique and authentic experiences marked by a high-end hospitality, service and environment. Its guests are discerning travelers, who look for excellent locations, refined atmospheres, architecture and furniture with a distinctive design, high quality materials, creativity and elegance.

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