Your success.
Our Mission.

To contribute to our clients’ success by generating growth opportunities for their investments, properties and goods.

Your success.
Our Mission.

Making Ideas Happen

We are MB America, a team of diverse and dynamic professionals passionate about our mission – to contribute to our clients’ success by generating growth opportunities for their estate investments, by providing premium solutions with our design-oriented services, and by facilitating positive outcomes in the transition of ownership of businesses, properties and goods. With headquarters in the Miami Design District, we are a privately held company that offers an entire system dedicated to maximizing value for its clients and helping them achieve their goals through our areas of expertise.

Our principle is to be collaborative, as we want our projects to mirror the characteristic of our clients. Using a professional process-oriented methodology, we tend to get personal and deliver the best version of our clients’ vision into a reality. We provide with our experienced project management to ensure they meet their target & timeline.


Marco Bruzzi and Monica Melotti, partners in business and in life, founded MB America in Miami in 2013, after nearly 30 combined years of developing and managing businesses and properties, planning, designing and creating luxury spaces, structures, interiors and landscapes in Italy.

They didn’t start MB America in a conference room. Instead, they started on a sailing boat, when crossing the Atlantic Ocean (from Spain to Florida). They believe consulting is a team effort, which is why they don’t just work for clients – we work with clients to uncover new ideas that generate growing opportunities.

They’ve established their business on a set of two building blocks: the promise to offer a big company experience with a small company feeling, and the obsession for the highest standards.

MB America adopts an integrated and ‘one-stop-shop’ approach, takes care of its clients’ individual needs personally and manages the multiple elements and parties involved in any project in-house, under one roof.

Not only do these blocks serve as their model for doing business, but they’ve created a culture that values team unity and collaboration. They enjoy working together, alongside with their clients, to create personalized solutions for businesses and individuals alike.


At MB America we have chosen five values – innovation, integrity, client value, quality and collaboration – as the basis of our culture, brand and long-term strategy for growth. These values define who we are, what we stand for and how we conduct our business. They make good business sense, give us real competitive advantage and help us create value for our clients.

We cultivate and embrace Innovation in our services, processes and tools. We learn from the experience of the past and challenge any future opportunity with a “can-do” approach to continuously improve our offering and create an ever-increasing value for our clients.

We are honest with others and ourselves. We operate with Integrity, respect and openness and we aim to build trustful relationships with like-minded clients, co-workers and vendors.

We are committed to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. We create long-lasting relations to constantly create Client Value by focusing our resources and actions on what matters most to our clients.

We stand for premium Quality in everything we do. We strive for excellence in our services, products, infrastructures and people in order to address the unique needs of each client.

We believe in sharing and creating meaningful Collaborations and synergies with clients, co-workers and strategic partners to deliver a superior value and maintain a competitive edge.


We understand our clients’ business, property, good transfer goals, opportunities, and concerns from the inside because we have bought and sold many of them of our own—and continue to do so.

We can help owners in selling their small-mid sized businesses, high-ends properties or luxury goods. We work directly with them, but also partner with brokers and other intermediaries to maximize our clients options and support their growth and profit goals.

We are in contact with sellers, operating as independent consultants. We arrange the initial introduction and only earn a fee for our consulting services when there is a successful transaction.

Selling a business, property or personal goods takes a lot of effort and time as well as a network of potential buyers, which many owners do not have. We support our clients throughout the entire business, property or good transfer process. We can create and implement strategies and plans designed to find credible buyers and set up the closing, to make sure that a cultural fit and trust & transparency are achieved between the parties, price & terms of the deal.

If you are considering selling your business, property or good, we can help you. Our experience and team stand alone in terms of agile and effective capabilities across the spectrum of transfer services.


We have been in the interior design industry for over 15 years, with experience in design development and project management. We have worked on a variety of projects such as luxury residential, corporate headquarters, retail, hotels, restaurants and yachts.

We design spaces in response to architecture, place and the needs of homeowners and developers. We create style that is luxurious, timeless, and above all functional.

Our signature is an architectural and holistic approach to design, where every detail is meticulously executed, the result being stunning rooms and spaces.For clients who need help developing a plan for their home, we create a vision for the project bringing interior and exterior together. We believe that the interior environment should balance, enhance, and compliment the outside environment, reflect the surrounding architecture and the people living in them, as well as have a positive impact on the quality of life of the users.

We are know for our holistic approach to design, but we also believe that adherence to budget and schedule are as valued as design in measuring a project’s success.


At MB America, we buy, renovate, rent and sell properties that other buyers are uninterested in purchasing because they can’t see their inner value. Through a network of trusted contractors, we perform repairs and upgrades to transform these properties into something beautiful for future buyers or renters. We oversee all work and construction processes personally to make sure that all processes are up to par and are of the quality that they expect.

With Marco’s sharp business sense, and Monica’s design eye, we make a perfect team, complementing one another. Together, we possess the construction management expertise to deliver home renovations on time and within the investment parameters.

We have 15 years of building experience and work only with the most qualified and trusted professionals that stand behind their work.

MB America’s homes are more than mere objects, but unique works of art, which combine proven craftsmanship and modern amenities.


20 NE 41st St.
Design District
Miami, FL 33137