Marco Bruzzi and Monica Melotti, partners in business and in life, founded MB America in Miami in 2013, after nearly 30 combined years of developing and managing businesses and properties, planning, designing and creating luxury spaces, structures, interiors and landscapes in Italy.

With a commitment to its clients' success, MB America develops business and real estate investment plans for individuals and organizations, provides design services and consulting on the hiring of licensed architects and interior designers appropriate for your project, from conception to completion and manages luxury events and productions venues.

Two things sets MB America apart from the competition: its promise to offer a big company experience with a small company feeling and its obsession for the highest standards. To guarantee them, MB America adopts an integrated and 'one-stop-shop' approach, takes care of its clients' individual needs personally and manages the multiple elements and parties involved in any project in-house, under one roof.

If you want to explore and exploit new opportunities for property investments, design and remodel a property, host your event in a prime venue or a mixture of all of them, contact us.


At MB America we have chosen five values - innovation, integrity, client value, quality and collaboration - as the basis of our culture, brand and long-term strategy for growth. These values define who we are, what we stand for and how we conduct our business. They make good business sense, give us real competitive advantage and help us create value for our clients.

We cultivate and embrace Innovation in our services, processes and tools. We learn from the experience of the past and challenge any future opportunity with a “can-do” approach to continuously improve our offering and create an ever-increasing value for our clients.

We are honest with others and ourselves. We operate with Integrity, respect and openness and we aim to build trustful relationships with like-minded clients, co-workers and vendors.

We are committed to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. We create long-lasting relations to constantly create Client Value by focusing our resources and actions on what matters most to our clients. 

We stand for premium Quality in everything we do. We strive for excellence in our services, products, infrastructures and people in order to address the unique needs of each client.

We believe in sharing and creating meaningful Collaborations and synergies with clients, co-workers and strategic partners to deliver a superior value and maintain a competitive edge. 


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Entrepreneur Marco Bruzzi is the founder and CEO of MB America, a company distinguished by an inspired and creative approach to business and property investment. Marco set up MB America in 2013 in Miami, having previously spent almost 20 years developing and implementing successful business ideas and projects, and managing a wealthy property portfolio.

Having grown up in Italy, Marco earned a Master's Degree in Political Science at Bologna University before joining the graduate training program at Whirlpool Europe. After that experience, he worked for over 8 years at an Italian leading business consulting firm. A great job that saw him develop his management skills, but at the age of 32 he chose to set up in business for himself. 

Respected for his integrity, openness and honesty, Marco has led successful businesses for over almost 15 years, backed by great teams. 

Under Marco's direction, MB America has progressed from property investment into business development, consulting on the hiring of licensed professionals for architecture and design services and now into a wider entrepreneurial business. 



A trained, qualified and registered Architect in Italy. For over 15 years Monica Melotti has been guiding projects development from inception to completion in Italy, including heading up the design team, acting as lead on client and managing the initial assessment, design and planning through to the details, the specification and the building of new properties.

Monica co-founded MB America and leads the Design division to provide a customized service for clients wanting high quality well designed properties. She has gained a vast range of experience spanning the residential, commercial and nautical fields, and has successfully managed and delivered projects of all sizes and scales in Italy and abroad.

Her projects have been exhibited in newspapers, magazines and architectural journals, such as Interni and AD in Italy.

Over the years she has gained a wealth of experience delivering projects on short deadlines and on budget. With her personal approach to design she takes pride in her work adding value to clients' vision and exceeding their expectations.

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